One-Stop-Shop Solution

From initial design to assembled product, ORTAL’s production facility offer customers a one-stop-shop experience. Managed by a professional and highly skilled workforce of engineers and QA specialists, a full range of production processes can be customized to meet product requirements and specific customer demands.

Processes include:

  • Automated DCMs
  • Vacuum system technology
  • Automated trimming presses
  • Shot blasting
  • Modern CNC machines
  • Washing and drying
  • Automated assembly lines
  • Process and  EOL Testing

Die Casting

At ORTAL, a range of advanced die casting machines is available to meet every customer requirement. We maintain 10 die casting machines,
ranging from 500 to 1800 tons of locking force.  
The die casting machines, including those with cold and hot chambers, are purchased from leading European manufacturers. The casting cells are fully automated with an integrated trimming process.

Secondary Operations

ORTAL offers a range of secondary operations according to individual customer requirements:

Accurate machining: ORTAL  dedicated machinery includes high-speed and high-accuracy horizontal machining centers; standard CNC mill turn machines; dedicated machines for simple operations; and “transfer” rotary or linear machines that multi-task, allowing for simultaneous operation and high volumes.

Washing and drying:  Parts are washed and dried in dedicated or ultra-sonic washing machines, as required.


To comply with ORTAL zero-defect approach to quality, all products are subject to rigorous testing by company experts. Process and EOL testing include a 100% leak test, X-Rays, crack detection by a color penetration process, electronic power control checking and electrical testing of assembled components. Testing for cleanliness, as well as measurement of particle size and weight, are also completed as per international standard requirements.

Finishing operations

Finishing can be completed per customer requirements and include surface treatment, polishing with circular and linear vibrators, and shot blasting. Additional processes such as powder coating and painting are also available.


Following the casting process, ORTAL offers customized product assembly services, according to the customer’s design specifications. Automated lines assemble a variety of components while performing leak tests and functionality testing, ensuring that the highest quality standards and efficient turnaround times are maintained.


 ORTAL can assist with the development of new packaging concepts and can tailor all packaging to customer requirements.  


As a full service supplier, ORTAL offers JIT delivery directly to the customer’s location of choice.